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300-hr Training

MSP™ 300 Hour Teacher Training


The 300 hour teacher training builds and expands upon the knowledge acquired in the 200 hour teacher training training. In this program you will move deeper into your studies encompassing the Heart, Mind and Body. 

This training will help you refine and become acutely aware on all aspects of teaching from anatomy to philosophy. Through anatomy, our teachers’ understanding of the body reaches new heights by emphasizing the importance of proper alignment and bio-mechanics, which, in turn, creates a safe learning environment for students. In our training, students learn how to incorporate therapeutics as invaluable tools for teaching a transformative class. We provide a breadth of exercises and tools on the art of communication and the process of connecting with our authentic voice. We deconstruct and then rebuild to become more effective in the way we teach.

Yoga is the endless reapplication of knowledge and personal insights. To learn how we share these through the lens of our own experiences is how we touch and inspire others. This training is designed to help students expand in key skills and to give them a safe place to explore a new universe of possibilities. To ground this practice, participants who choose to join us in this training will be asked to embrace a consistent meditation and pranayama practice, supported by daily journaling, as well as to immerse into the studies of yoga philosophy. We know that this keeps our students inspired, focused, and committed throughout this wonderful journey.

MSP™  300 teacher  training is registered and accredited with Yoga Alliance.