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From Casual to Conscious

Tony Giuliano

Happy New Year! This year kicks off with two 30 day programs that are dear to my heart and have really created lasting changes in my life and yoga practice. A course on “Meditation" and another on "Building the Body” in an integrated and healthy way. 

The question “Why?” is always at the forefront of my practice and teaching so I will start there. What occurs when we enter a sacred space? When we take a seat to meditate? or Roll out our mat to practice? I often noticed in the past year that when people entered the Raven and took their seat, within a fairly short amount of time, the energy of individuals and the room shifted quickly. I asked the question 'what had changed to create this subtle yet profound shift?' I believe it is the shift from the casual to the conscious. It is fascinating in theory that we are all already breathing and conscious (we drove to the studio and know how to get there, park, etc ...) and yet within a few minutes of focused attention on breath, our inner space and our awareness can change dramatically. And what makes community and studios so special is that when we practice together, the shift in the individual is powerful and for the group it is transformative. 

So as we step into 2016, join us for one or both of these courses. To clarify, these courses are not necessarily challenges as much as commitments to ourselves and our personal well being and health.

Meditation Course- If you are interested in creating a sacred space and starting a sitting meditation practice come and join us for this 30 day commitment to ourselves. Everyone is welcome and capable of doing this and like anything in life it may challenge you but do not let that deter you. As I like to say in my teacher training, “we learn to become comfortable with the uncomfortable” and soon what was once foreign and strange becomes the new normal

Build the Body- This course will shift both your inner will as well as you outer form. Once again, all levels are welcome and the program can be adjusted to your needs and within 30 days you will see and feel an incredible shift in your practice.

Look below for details and register with a discounted rate.  

Much Love,
Tony G


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