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MSP teacher training not only taught me so much about the component parts of yoga-- from posture to bio-mechanics to philosophy— it also taught me how to weave it all together on the mat, with a class, and even into my daily life.  MSP transformed my understanding of yoga and the body and allowed me to go deeper into my practice as well as preparing me to teach and share that knowledge with others.

- Erik R.


The MSP teacher training has given me the tools, knowledge, and inspiration to live my yoga practice.  Tony teaches from a place of true study, discipline & immersion in his yoga.  With a lot of heart and love, Tony shares a practice that is constantly evolving, seeking, shifting, progressing. His curiosity of the human form is endless, yet his yoga paradigm is grounded in the truth of ancient texts that resonates in our modern times. Through months of study with MSP, I've found a means for sharing my passion for the practice with others as well, and am excited to enter the world as a confident yet humble new teacher.

- Sarah B.


Tony G is a passionate, disciplined, and sincere practitioner of yoga. His training provides a solid foundation for students and teachers alike, focusing on philosophy, meditation, therapeutics, and the utility found in contemporary yoga lifestyle. His MSP 200-hour teacher training will deepen your practice, develop your alignment technique, and expand your practical teaching skills. 

- Grant S.


The 200-hour teacher training with Tony G has altered the prism by which I view my practice. Tony G's focussed yet fluid alignment-based instruction, emphasis on the course's core of MSP™, and near immediate teaching immersion, I believe, has established a solid foundation for me to share the blessings of yoga with others. 

- Regina R.