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Yoga Elementals

Welcome to Yoga Elementals™ with Tony G and the journey into the 5 elements; Space, Earth, Water, Fire, and Air.

Each class weaves alignment and philosophy with a focus on strength and flexibility. Included is a strength training course plus in-depth tutorials. Meditation and breath work are an important part of the program. These classes will leave you feeling focused and clear.

$50.00- Online lifetime stream

Yoga Elementals Program on FLASH DRIVE FORMAT includes:

  • 20 Pose Tutorials

  • 27-Day Calendar

  • 6 Thematic Classes

  • 4 Meditations and 3 Breath Work Sessions

  • Program Guide

  • Live Soundtrack by East Forest

"I have been a student of Tony's for years and Yoga Elementals encompasses what I love about his classes. There is a total mind / body approach that goes beyond a workout program. I like that you can put on the meditation part to start your practice with then move onto one of the elements or do Build the Body. I appreciate his clear instructions and the flow and progression of each Elemental program. I found the calendar to be a helpful guide for how to work through the different elements but liked that I can also pick which class I want to do depending on what I feel I need to focus on that day. There are countless configurations for how to work with the program, so I won't get easily bored and stay motivated to keep doing my practice! It's really amazing and so beautifully made I think anyone would love doing this at home!"

— Debbie Bean, Artist

I have been practicing with Tony G with Yoga Elementals for a few weeks now! I absolutely love his sequencing and his contagious positivity and sweet attitude . I have never been so inspired and motivated to have a home yoga practice. Also, I take the thumb drive when I travel and it comes very useful for my practice. Thanks, Tony!!!!
— Nicole